“Thanks to Jenny and a lot of Hard work! I have managed to turn my life around. I had quite severe OCD, no girlfriend and no life. I found working through and talking about all my problems past and present as encouraged by Jenny, helped lessen the hold of OCD over me, and helped me build my confidence up. Jenny’s positive attitude towards OCD is quite different to people who I spoke to before who train you on how to live with it, rather than what Jenny does, to get to heart of the problem. I now have days I have no OCD symptom’s. I’m also now getting married, and have never been happier. Its not easy! But if you put in the work, you can change things for yourself!”Tom Hardy December 2012


There is life after transition through retirement!
I am a 64 yr old professinal woman who retired in August 2011. I was traumatised by the sudden loss of work and facing endless days of nothingness. I then saw my GP who prescribed anti depressants and suggested counselling.
Jenny’s contact details were given to me by a fellow client of Jenny’s. I called her at once and when she asked me when I could see her I replied ‘yesterday’!
On meeting, at once I felt at ease, supported and enabled. She asked me about my life, my presenting problem and let me talk for at least an hour! She took me back to my childhood, teenage years, first marriage, professional life and present problems with such ease that I felt an immediate release of a burden that had weighed me down until my forehead almost touched the ground. I’m standing almost upright now!
We met weekly for about 6-8 weeks, then fortnightly, and then latterly monthly.
I trusted Jenny to guide me through traumas and dramas in my life, to help me see that the ‘little girl’ was loveable, the woman was worthy of love and affection, but most importantly, to love and like herself.
We laughed alot, and I cried alot and I will always be thankful that the wreck that turned up on Jenny’s doorstep was rescued.
Jenny is a gentle, loving woman who allows you to be yourself in the time you are with her, with a genuine depth of regard for you – her client.  Seek professional help – do not be swayed by people who poo-poo counselling and therapists. I can’t recommend Jenny at Open Mind Highly enough.  She saved my life.”  Anne D September 2012

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